Damage Assessment & Recovery

You should not go into buildings that are suspected or determined to be unsafe. Any dangerous conditions or issues requiring urgent response should be reported immediately to the appropriate work management center or the UF Police Department.

Your unit should take safe, protective actions that mitigate or reduce hazards in its buildings and areas. (Example: placing barricade tape around a dangerous area in a building to prevent people from entering the area.) Employees should not take any actions that place themselves or others in danger.

In the event of an life-safety emergency, always dial 9-1-1.

Work Management Center Information

Damage Assessment System

In major incidents that overwhelm day-to-day work management processes, the University may activate its Damage Assessment system to help prioritize needs and resources. When it is safe to do so, the Building Emergency Coordinators (or identified staff) should return to assigned buildings, complete a damage assessment, and report the conditions of their buildings to the appropriate work management center.

Log in below to capture pictures of the damage to your building for FEMA insurance claims. If you need your damaged repaired, please call your appropriate Work Management Center.

Click here to access the Damage Assessment System

*Damage Assessment website is NOT for normal building damage reporting.

Recovery Steps to Consider
  1. Confer with your purchasing agent on any existing departmental or college vendor agreements that support recovery needs.
  2. If applicable, submit damage assessments utilizing the UF damage assessment system.
  3. Please document any records lost or unsalvageable due to the effects of hurricanes, storm damage, or other disasters using the Records Disposition Request form. If applicable, this form may be used in conjunction with the Damage Assessment System mentioned above.
  4. If no existing recovery vendors are known, you may contact UF approved vendors to confirm their capability and availability for recovery needs. In the table below are a few of the UF approved disaster related vendors. Additional UF contracts can be found on the UF Procurement Services website.
    • Note: All UF colleges, departments and units are responsible for paying any vendor used for their recovery needs.
  5. State Property and Insurance Coverage is handled by UF Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).
    • In Event of a Loss, University departments will contact the Insurance Coordinator in writing explaining what damages incurred to the building and/or to their assets and how the damages were incurred.In the event of a loss occurring as a result of a covered peril, the Department must immediately comply with the following:
      • If emergency, call 911 and if on campus the University Police will respond.
      • If non-emergency, call 392-1591 to report incident.
      • As economically possible, protect the property from further damage using reasonable care.
      • * Take as many pictures of the damages as possible prior to any repairs and store on a CD- ROM or equivalent electronic media storage device.
      • If wind and/or flood damage occur, losses will be handled separately and expenses should be kept separate.
      • *Keep a log of all repairs performed, including the costs of the repairs, work orders, purchase orders, invoices for services, etc.

UF Approved Disaster Related Vendors and Contacts

VendorPhoneContract Exp.Service Type
Arcadis US Inc.850-422-2555June 30, 2019Disaster Debris Monitoring
Belfor Property Restoration813-386-3473June 30, 2019Water Extracting/Mold Remediation
Ceres Environmental Services800-218-4424June 30, 2019Disaster Debris Removal
DMS Disaster Planning & Recovery 919-696-6003June 30, 2019Disaster Mgmt Consulting
Hagerty Consulting Inc.847-492-8454June 30, 2019Disaster Mgmt Consulting
Leidos Inc.407-803-2525June 30, 2019Disaster Debris Monitoring; Disaster Mgmt Consulting
Servpro Commercial LLC352-374-6589June 30, 2019Water Extracting/Mold Remediation
Tidal Basin Government Consulting LLC703-683-8551June 30, 2019Disaster Debris Monitoring; Disaster Mgmt Consulting
Neel Schaffer817-201-1912June 30, 2019Disaster Debris Monitoring