Severe Thunderstorm

gatorsafe_icon_web_THUNDERSTORMThunderstorms are a common occurrence throughout the state of Florida, especially the interior parts of Florida. They form throughout the year but are most common during the warm season when wind off the coast flows inland during the afternoon. Thunderstorms can produce lightning, damaging winds, heavy rain, hail, and tornadoes. Thunderstorms are classified as “SEVERE” by the National Weather Service once they contain winds in excess of 58 mph, hail 1 inch in diameter, or a tornado. Meteorologists at the Storm Prediction Center may issue a “watch” if conditions are favorable for the development of severe thunderstorms within the next few hours.

What to Know

Severe Thunderstorm WATCH = conditions are favorable for severe thunderstorm development. Be aware and monitor weather information.

Severe Thunderstorm WARNING = a severe thunderstorm has been sighted or indicated by radar. Take protective actions.

What to Do

  • Have a Public Alert™ certified NOAA weather radio with battery back-up to receive warnings
  • If a severe thunderstorm WARNING is issued for your location, move to interior areas away from windows, doors, and outside walls
  • Vehicles, trailers, and modular buildings may not provide good protection. Go to a nearby building
  • If outside, seek refuge in a nearby building.
  • Report campus damages to the University of Florida Police Department (352) 392-1111.

Get More Info

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