Building Emergency Coordinators

A BEC is a pre-identified point of contact designated by a department / college administrator for a department space within a building. BECs provide pertinent building or departmental information to public safety officials in emergencies. BECs also relay information sent by public safety officials through the email communications and recommended trainings to their areas of responsibility.

Damage Assessment

In the event your UF building has been significantly damaged, report to your appropriate work management center. Additionally, notify EH&S Insurance Office of damages to state-owned buildings and contents. For dangerous conditions or life-safety emergencies, always contact 9-1-1.

Emergency Planning Cohort

UFDEM hosts an annual planning cohort, limited to 5-10 colleges and departments. Participants will learn and apply the skills to develop, exercise and maintain an emergency plans based upon university templates. 1-3 representatives from each area will actively participate in monthly meetings and draft the plan between sessions over the course of the year.​ The cohort begins each January.


UFDEM offers numerous courses both in-person and online in myTraining.

University Planning

The UF Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) was developed to address emergency preparedness through prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery. The document outlines, authorizes and implements the University’s structure for coordination activities during all phases of an emergency within an all-hazards approach. The CEMP is organized according to national best practices and industry standards as well as the unique needs of UF.