Online Courses

These online training sessions are now available in myTraining from UFDEM:

BEC Active Shooter Training (UF_DEM827_OLT)
Defining the Active Shooter, How to Respond to an Active Shooter Situation and Law Enforcement’s Response Techniques.

Bomb Threat Guidelines for BECs (UF_EHS824_OLT)
This training is designed for UF Building Emergency Coordinators (BECs) and covers University guidelines for handling bomb threats. This training is presented by the University of Florida Police Department.

Emergency Shelter Management (UF_DEM822_OLT)
In-person delivery only. Overview of UF policies and procedures for setting up, running and closing a shelter during a disaster or other emergency.

Fire Safety for BECs (UF_EHS823_OLT)
Appropriate actions  for UF Building Emergency Coordinators (BECs) to take during a fire alarm activation along with fire safety issues.

Introduction to BEC Training (UF_DEM821_OLT)
Newly appointed Building Emergency Coordinators gain basic understanding of functions and responsibilities in BEC role.

Local Weather Hazards for BECs (UF_EHS825_OLT)
Designed for UF Building Emergency Coordinators (BECs) and covers local weather hazards. Presented by a meteorologist with the National Weather Service-Jacksonville.