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BEC Administrative System

The BEC Administrative System allows users to view and make changes to departmental BECs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Building Emergency Coordinator (BEC)?
A BEC is a pre-identified point of contact designated by a department / college administrator for a department space within a building. BECs provide pertinent building or departmental information to public safety officials in emergencies. BECs also relay information sent by public safety officials through the email communications and recommended trainings to their areas of responsibility.
How are BECs Selected?
A primary and alternate BEC are appointed by a BEC administrator for each department / college for all spaces occupied in every building the department / college is in.
How do I update a BEC assignment?
  • All edits to BEC assignments are completed by a college or department administrator.
  • To request a change please contact the responsible BEC Admin for your area by going to the BEC system at and contacting the listed admin.
How do I locate a BEC or BEC administrator?
Any GatorLink users can access the below features of the system at to find a specific BEC contact or responsible administrator.

  • Dept – find a BEC or Department admin by department ID or name
  • Map – (no access to View Building Page) – Select a building on the map to locate all the BECs and admins
I am a new BEC. What do I do?
First, welcome to the BEC program! You are an important part of public safety efforts at the University of Florida. You are a subject matter expert of your area and a liaison to public safety that may respond to your area for various incidents and emergencies.

Below are some next steps to help better educate and equip you in this new role.

  • Confirm your access to the BEC system by logging in at
  • Review all the components of this website page.
  • Take the Introduction to BEC training and other great BEC courses!
  • Get your Vest!
    • When taking over an existing BEC role, be sure to transfer the BEC safety vest and note the new ownership in the BEC system. If you need a vest, contact the Department of Emergency Management.
  • Learn your area’s public safety plans and emergency procedures.
  • Be a part of the online BEC community on Yammer; accessible through the BEC system.
  • Share your knowledge.
    • We encourage every BEC to share their knowledge and training with others around them.
  • Be a part of the online UF BEC community on Yammer!
What are BEC’s Roles & Responsibilities?
  • Do not put yourself or others in danger – don’t be a hero
  • Follow all emergency announcements from UF and local officials
  • Return to your area only when deemed safe by safety officials
  • Be a proponent of preparedness in your area on where to find the correct preparedness information
  • Read and follow BEC listserv messages
  • Serve as a point of contact for safety & emergency preparedness information provided by UF
  • Liaison with EH&S, Emergency Management, UFPD and other emergency services in the event of an incident at your building
  • Be knowledgeable of departmental space in building (employee rosters, critical issues, special circumstances, known hazards, etc.)
  • Maintain contact information for any restricted areas
How do I use the BEC system?
Where do I go for more information?

BEC Listservs

  • Department appointed Building Emergency Coordinators are automatically added to the listserv by the UF Department of Emergency Management.
  • However, if you are not an appointed BEC, a separate, public listserv is available. To join, send an email to with the one-line message body:
    • Subscribe BECS-CC-L your-first-name your-last-name
  • Previous emails are available in the Archives of Building Emergency Coordinator Carbon-Copy listserv (BECS-CC-L).