Take Action

Safety is a shared responsibility at the University of Florida. This guidance provides actions to take in response to potential hazards and threats. Knowing the appropriate steps to take can help minimize the impact of an emergency.


This information is also available on the GatorSafe App. Everyone at UF is encouraged to download onto your mobile devices.



Active Assailant

If an active assailant is reported or encountered: Run. Hide. Fight. RUN – If the assailant’s location is known and the opportunity []

Bomb Threat

If you receive a bomb threat: Remain calm. Call 9-1-1. If the bomb threat is received via telephone: Keep the caller on the phone for as long as possible. []

Building Damage

In the event your UF building has been significantly damaged: Call 9-1-1 if dangerous or life-safety emergencies are occurring. []

Dangerous, Disruptive, or Disturbing Employee

If you encounter a DANGEROUS employee or an employee is threatening harm to self or others: Call 9-1-1. If you encounter a DISRUPTIVE or DISTURBING employee (without immediate concern for safety) []

Dangerous, Disruptive, or Disturbing Student

If you encounter a DANGEROUS student or a student threatening harm to self or others: Call 9-1-1. If you encounter a DISRUPTIVE or DISTURBING student (without immediate concern for safety) []

Extreme Heat

In the event of extreme heat: Never leave people or pets in a closed car on a warm day. LOOK before you LOCK. Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.  []

Fire Alarm/Building Evacuation

When the building fire alarm system sounds: Immediately begin to evacuate the area. If accessible, grab important personal items such as keys, purse, wallet, and cellphone. []


In the event of flooding: Do not walk, ride, bike, swim, or drive through flood waters. Turn Around. Don’t Drown! []

Hazardous Materials Release / Shelter In Place

In the event of a hazardous material release: Call 9-1-1. If you are exposed to a hazardous material: Call 9-1-1. []

Hurricanes/Tropical Weather

Before the storm Build or restock an emergency kit. Fuel vehicles and generators. Refill needed prescriptions. []


If you hear thunder or see lightning: When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors. Stop all outdoor activities. Seek shelter in a substantial building or hard-topped vehicle. []

Medical Emergency – Alcohol Safety

In case of alcohol or another drug-related emergency: Call 9-1-1. Stay with the individual until public safety officials arrive. Do not try to give the individual anything to eat or drink. []

Medical Emergency – General

If you encounter someone experiencing a medical emergency (examples: heart attack, loss of consciousness, large loss of blood, or serious accident): Call 9-1-1. []

Medical Emergency – Seizures

If you encounter someone experiencing a seizure: Call 9-1-1. STAY with the person until they are awake and alert after the seizure. []

Medical Emergency – Stop the Bleed

If you encounter someone bleeding profusely: Call 9-1-1. Remain calm and reassure patent that medical assistance is on the way.[]

Suspicious / Unattended Item

If you encounter a SUSPICIOUS item unexpectedly: Remain calm. Do not touch, tamper with, or move the item.[]

Suspicious Packages / Mail

If you receive a suspicious package or mail: Remain calm. If an option, do not accept delivery of package or envelope. []

Thunderstorm Warning / Tornado Warning

If a Thunderstorm Warning or Tornado Warning is issued: Seek shelter in a sturdy building. Vehicles, trailers, and modular buildings may not provide good protection. []

Utility Outage / Disruption

In the event of an EMERGENCY utility outage or disruption: Call 9-1-1. In the event of a POWER OUTAGE: []

Winter Weather

In the event of Winter Weather with temperatures below 32° F for several hours: Follow the 5 P’s []