Bomb Threat

gatorsafe_icon_web_BOMBThreatening Call / Bomb Threat Checklist:

If a bomb threat is called in:

Telephone Threat

  • DO NOT hang up on the caller; speak calmly to them
  • Write down the incoming phone number from the caller ID
  • If another person is close by, notify them and tell them to call 9-1-1
  • Keep the caller on the line
  • Be polite and ask:
    • Where is the bomb located? (building, floor, room, etc.)
    • When will it go off?
    • What does it look like?
    • What kind of bomb is it?
    • What will make it to explode?
    • Did you place the bomb?
    • Why?
    • What is your name?
  • Attempt to identify characteristics of the caller and their location (age, gender, voice, background noise, etc.)
  • After the call, ensure 9-1-1 was notified
  • Public safety officials will decide when and if to evacuate.

Source: University of Florida Police Department

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Version Date: August 2016