Building Fire / Evacuation

gatorsafe_icon_web_FIREEVACUATIONIf you encounter odor/smoke/fire/explosion – RACE

  • Rescue — Persons in immediate danger, if possible. This includes yourself!
  • Alarm — Pull fire alarm and call 9-1-1.
  • Contain — Fire and smoke by closing doors while leaving the building (especially stairwells).
  • Evacuate —
    • Take with you essential personal items ONLY (cell phone, ID, keys, medications, wallet, purse, etc.).
    • If the corridor is filled with smoke, stay low and crawl out.
    • Do not use the elevator.
    • Exit to a safe location.
    • Move away from the building at least 100 feet.
    • Attempt to determine if all occupants in your area have evacuated.
    • Do not re-enter the building.

If building evacuation is ordered or fire alarm sounds:

  • Take only important personal items (cell phone, ID, keys, medications, wallet, purse, etc.).
  • Do not use the elevator, if possible.
  • If requested, accompany and assist persons with disabilities.
  • If special assistance is needed call 9-1-1 and report your location and situation. Ask others as they leave the building to inform public safety officials on site of your location and situation.
  • Move quickly, but in an orderly manner out of the building. DO NOT PUSH OR SHOVE.
  • Once out of the building, move at least 100 feet from the structure or as instructed by public safety officials.

If confined or trapped:

  • Call 9-1-1 and report your location and situation.
  • Feel door, if hot, DO NOT open.
  • Keep doors and windows closed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.
  • Stuff towels under door to keep out smoke.
  • Attract attention to your position if possible.
  • If you have to move, stay close to the floor and crawl.

Source: Environmental Health & Safety

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Version Date: 09/2018